Mushroom Extracts

✔️Made with mushroom fruiting bodies

✔️3rd party tested for purity

✔️Sustainably sourced & produced in the USA

✔️Donates to reforestation efforts worldwide

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Wild Foraged & Locally Produced

Working with the land and sourcing exclusively in North America not only helps us have a uniquely low carbon footprint, but also allows us to dual extract the world's most potent wild mushrooms and herbs.

Sustainability Is Our Passion

As a proud reforestation partner of OneTreePlanted, every sale from our store generates a donation to reforestation worldwide.

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Enhance Your Eneregy, Focus, & Libido Naturally

Pine Pollen is a natural source of DHEA, a precursor to free-testosterone and powerful androgens that help put that pep back in your step.

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