About Us

Neil Thenier, founder and mushroom forager.

Our Story

Our fascination with wild foods, mushrooms, and ecology began in one of the least natural places on earth: New York City. 

Working a fast-paced corporate job in New York City, Forager's Kingdom founder Neil Thenier ground out his days in a chronic state of fatigue and brain fog. Despite success, he didn’t feel truly alive. 

A certified Integrative Nutrition health coach, Neil prescribed himself a diet of wild foods that he couldn’t find within the city. Foraging in forests for wild mushrooms reconnected Neil with his own wild nature. As his wild diet changed his body and performance, Neil realized that he could help other people connect with nature while they improved their health. 

Wild Mushroom Extracts

Our Products

Forager's Kingdom creates potent extracts from mushrooms and herbs foraged in the ancient Appalachians, which are among the oldest mountains on earth. Our line includes chaga, reishi, lion’s mane, maitake, turkey tail, pine pollen, and elderberry extracts. 

All of our extracts are wildcrafted, which means they are created from wild mushrooms and herbs. Wild foods create the highest quality extracts because they are more nutritionally dense than their cultivated counterparts. 

Our extracts are 100% wildcrafted, containing no grains or fillers. Dual extraction in both alcohol and hot water ensures the highest potency, and we use only natural spring water and domestically-sourced, organic alcohol from The Organic Alcohol Company. 

Wild Reishi Mushroom Extract

Our Philosophy

Our mushroom line is sourced within a forty mile radius of our headquarters. This means we have one of the smallest carbon footprints in the industry! 

That deep connection with nature is our foundation. By practicing sustainable foraging techniques, learning each mushroom's ecology, and knowing when and when not to harvest, we create potent mushroom extracts with incredible health benefits that help promote the next generation of wild ecology. 

Giving back to nature is at the heart of what we do. We are partnered with OneTreePlanted, an organization that plants forests worldwide. As a proud reforestation partner, every sale from our store generates a donation to plant trees in devastated areas throughout the planet. 

We are extremely passionate about providing you with a truly natural highly potent herbal extract and hope you enjoy your wild experience!

Visit our blog to learn more about wild mushroom ecology.

Sustainable Wild Harvested Mushrooms