This episode feature's my interview with Luke McLaughlin, the owner/instructor of the Holistic Survival School and three time contestant on the popular survival show, Naked and Afraid.

This interview is truly insightful and inspiring as we delved into introspective topics such as uncovering our human mortality, hunting as a spiritual practice, and how us humans are hardwired to live in community.

If you've been yearning to learn how you can get started in forging your own ancestral life way and live a life rooted in nature, this one's for you! 

Holistic Survival School

Topics Covered:

  1.  How Can Hunting Be A Spiritual Practice?
  2.  How Capitalism Serves As A Distraction From Mortality 
  3.  Domestication- Good Or Bad?
  4.  Does Bacteria Rule The World? (Funny Conspiracy Theory)
  5.  The Biological Norms Of Humans
  6.  Wild Foods vs. Domesticated 
  7.  The Hardwiring Of Humans
  8.  Pulling The Thread- An Easy Approach To Learning Ancestral Life Ways
  9.  Rites Of Passage
  10.  Luke's Holistic Survival School
  11.  Luke's Experience On Naked & Afraid


-The Holistic Survival School
-Deep Remembering, Luke's Rewilding Immersion Course.
-Luke's Instagram Page

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