Celtic Traditions & The Great Pagan Revival


Seren Hawley

This week, I had the pleasure of speaking with Seren Hawley of Hedgerow Healing. As a native of Wales in the UK, Seren shares her wealth of knowledge surrounding Celtic traditions and the deep secrets of the natural world they contain.  In this episode we get to learn about Seren's experiences  that inspired her to share these traditions and how to firmly root yourself in a nature-based spiritual practice.

Topics Covered:

  • Growing Up In The New Age Traveller Scene of The UK
  • Celtic Regions & Broad History
  • Druids, The Spiritual Teachers of the Celtic People
  • Rewilding & The Reemergence of Traditional Life Ways
  • The Great Pagan Revival
  •  The Autumn Equinox As A Time To Reflect
  • The Celtic Tree Alphabet
  • The Emergence of Fairies In Indigenous Cultures
  • The Wheel Of The Year
  • Foraging Wild Herbs in Wales
  • Making Elderberry Syrup
  • Food Foraging Laws & Best Practices of the UK

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Seren Hawley


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