Hempcrete- The Building Blocks For Sustainability & Community with Eric White

On this week's episode of Forager's Radio, I'm joined by Eric White, founder of The Heampstead Farm and member of Pennsylvania's Hemp Fiber Cooperative.

Eric has been working vigorously on creating The Pocono's premier local CSA farm. There, him and his team not only supply their members with local organic produce, but they also grow industrial grade hemp that will be processed and utilized as hempcrete.

Never heard of hempcrete?!

That's okay, Eric explains how it acts an amazing carbon sequester and a sustainable building material.  Most recently, Eric and his team have retrofitted their old farm houses with hempcrete insulation. Not only is it sustainable, but it also prevents common household problems like water leakage and mold.

Listen to the full episode to get the full scoop and much more.

Happy listening,

-Neil Thenier
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