On this week's episode of Wild Kingdom Radio, we're joined by Shannon Mulligan-Mayernick as she shares her extensive knowledge of wild, cultivated, and invasive herbs.

She, along with her husband Matt, started Mayernik Kitchen five years ago. In their in person herbal shop and online store, they offer almost 100 different herbal products and run classes, workshops, and apprenticeships for individuals looking to learn more on the topic and receive hands on experience.

 While delving into a huge practice such as herbalism can be overwhelming, Shannon and I breakdown the information into digestible categories that won't send your head spinning. Shannon shares her top three favorite herbs that everyone should use (lion's mane is one of them!) plus, her favorite extraction methods for easily obtaining their benefits.

Like so many of our guests, Shannon and Matt are also believers in the importance of bolstering strong communities. By listening this this episode, you'll hear how they work with local foragers, individuals, and cultivators to help educate and inspire herbal seekers everywhere.

Happy listening!
-Neil Thenier

-Mayernik Kitchen Website: https://www.mayernikkitchen.com/
-Mayernik Kitchen Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mayernikkitchen/
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