Citizen Mycology 101


In this episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Devin Hilty of Mind Over Mycology. Devin has extraordinary skills in the world of mushroom identification, photography, and discovering new species. In our conversation, he shares his knowledge, techniques, and stories around discovering controversial mushrooms in unexpected places. 


Topics Covered:

  • Wild Mushroom As A Sustainable Food Source
  • Resources & Techniques For Identifying Wild Mushrooms
  • Photographing Microscopic Slime Molds
  • Exploring Connectedness Through Mycelium
  • Contributing To Citizen's Science & Mycoblitz 2023
  • How Mushroom Sometimes Find US (Forager's Intuition)
  • Finding Psilocybe ovoideocystidiata In A Camp Playground
  • Tips On Finding & Identifying Cordyceps Militaris
  • Nutrient Transfer Between Tress Through Mycelium
  • Chicken Of The Woods, Delicious Or Gross?

Episode Resources:
Devin Hilty- Mind Over Mycology

Mind Over Mycology

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