On this episode of Wild Kingdom Radio, I have the pleasure of speaking with Andre Burgess and Saeid Mushtagh from Canadian Pine Pollen Co. Andre and Burgess go in depth about the amazing health benefits of pine pollen and how it can help increase levels of free testosterone, keep your androgenic hormones balanced, and provide robust immune support.

Have you heard about pine pollen before but not sure if you should try a tincture of powder? Not to worry, Andre and Saeid do a great job in outlining which is write for you. If you also thought pine pollen was just for men, think again! As a naturopathic doctor, Saeid explains how he's used pine pollen in his medical practice and how it can help women overcome conditions like menopause and andropause.

For all you nature lovers out there, this isn't just a technical discussion on the health benefits of pine pollen. Andre and Saeid also share their incredible stories of what life is like in the deep wilderness harvesting one of nature's most trickiest wild foods. One thing that brought them to the forefront if wild pine pollen harvesting was their desire to connect with nature and free themselves from the hustle and bustle of city life.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this episode on my all time favorite wild food.

Stay wild,

Episode Resources:

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-The 5 Health Benefits of Pine Pollen Article by Neil Thenier
-Wild Kingdom Extracts's- Pine Pollen Tincture
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