Pine Pollen Tincture


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Pine Pollen Tincture Benefits:

  • Excellent source of DHEA, free testosterone, and other androgens
  • Supports free testosterone for more energy, mental clarity, and improved libido
  • Supports detox pathways
  • Supports Immune System response
  • Rich in vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids
  • 1 bottle = 50 day supply

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There are three things to avoid when choosing the right pine pollen tincture. They are pine pollen that comes from China, cracked cell wall pine pollen, and nonorganic alcohols. Avoiding products that contain these three elements will not only prevent harmful substances from entering your body but will also ensure that the key nutrients found in pine pollen are protected and preserved.

It is commonly known that the bulk of herbs bought and sold in the U.S. come from China. What is largely unknown is that all Chinese food and herbal exports undergo sterilization processes to prevent pathogens and invasive pests from entering our shores.

From the surface it seems like a good thing, however, the methods used are often UV and microwave radiation. These methods can be harmful to our bodies as exposure to small amounts of radiation over long periods of time can lead to disease or other medical complications. If that wasn't a great enough reason, both methods also often require high amounts of heat that damage the key nutrients found in pine pollen.

Heat and radiation are not the only processes that damage pine pollen's nutrients. Cracking the cell wall also greatly reduces nutrient content by exposing it to air and leading to oxidation. This damages the phytoandrogens that help enhance free testosterone levels. While many companies use the term "cracked cell wall pine pollen'' to claim their pine pollen is more absorbable, the downside is that you're left with a product that has been compromised.

The last thing to avoid in pine pollen products is the use of non-organic solvents in the extraction process. The most popular solvent is 190 proof alcohol (aka ethanol). It's important to make sure that products contain organic alcohol because non-organic ones can contain residual amounts of pesticides that can cause havoc on our endocrine systems. Many pesticides, including the most commonly known one called glyphosate, have been categorized as endocrine disrupting chemicals. In simpler terms, these pesticides can interfere with the functioning of the endocrine system and potentially lead to disease.

For these reasons, we've ensured that our pine pollen products use pine pollen that has been sustainably harvested in North America and have not had their cell walls cracked. We also use USDA Organic Certified alcohols in all of our products so that you do not have to worry about pesticides in your product and causing harm to your bodies.

For Thousands of years, pine pollen has been used in Chinese Medicine to treat erectile dysfunction and restore sexual vitality. Today, modern studies confirm that it can support the production of free testosterone, provide immune support, and help the body detox better.

Pine pollen is nature's number one source for naturally occurring DHEA, a powerful androgen responsible for increasing free testosterone. Pine Pollen's plant intelligence has a unique modulating effect on the body that can restore optimal androgen/estrogen balance.

This, in turn, can produce more energy, mental clarity, and a healthier libido for your daily life. Note, these benefits come from pine pollen tincture only. Consuming pine pollen powder as a food does not unlock the androgen modulating benefits.

Pine Pollen also supports the body's detox pathways. Nutrients such as glutathione and superoxide dismutase help support liver function and the endocrine system.

Pine pollen is also a great immune boosting herb thanks to its high concentrations of plant sterols and polyphenols.

There are two ways to enjoy the benefits of pine pollen. One is taking it in powder form, and the other by taking it as a tincture.

Pine Pollen Powder

Pine pollen powder is considered a nutrient-dense superfood thanks to its high amounts of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. It also contains high amounts of phytonutrients that can that help support the immune system and help increase free testosterone levels.

You can add pine pollen powder to a smoothie or a favorite beverage to enjoy the health benefits of pine pollen. Some even use it as a supplemental baking flour to enhance the nutrition and flavor of classic baked good recipes.

Many people take pine pollen products for the hope of supporting their energy and free testosterone levels. Unfortunately, the phytonutrients that support energy and testosterone are not easily broken down in our digestive systems. This is because these compounds are alcohol soluble and need to be broken down by alcohols containing a high proof content. To obtain the androgen balancing effects of pine pollen, taking a pine pollen tincture is required.

Pine Pollen Tincture

A pine pollen tincture is simply pine pollen powder that has been extracted with high proof alcohol and water. There are many different extraction methods that can produce different levels of potency. We've found that the best method is the percolation method. It helps us achieve a high potency product while avoiding the use of high heat which can damage key nutrients.

The key nutrients found in pine pollen tincture are DHEA, natural plant steroids, and free testosterone. These nutrients have what is known as an androgen modulating effect on our bodies. Simply put, pine pollen tincture can help boost your levels of free testosterone and reduce elevated levels of estrogen.

For instance, when men hit age 30 or so, their natural levels of free testosterone begin to decline. This can cause increased body fat, a weakened libido, or even high levels of estrogen (female sex hormone).

As the androgen modulating effect from pine pollen tincture starts to occur, DHEA and estrogen are converted into free testosterone. This gives the levels a firm boost that can be maintained by regular use of pine pollen tincture. Overtime, you may start to see a reduction in excess body fat, more stable energy levels, and a thriving libido.

The best time to take pine pollen tincture is in the morning on an empty stomach. This allows the body to digest its primary nutrients when natural androgen production is at its peak.

Our goal has always been to make products that support natural ecosystems and low carbon footprints. Our motto has always been, "to make products that help the human AND the ecosystem!" We are able to achieve this goal using this three step approach.

We only use ingredients that have been sustainably wild harvested or organically grown. Doing this allows us to harvest wild ingredients from their forests without causing damage to the greater ecosystem.

This method requires a deep knowledge of a wild ingredient's ecology and an understanding of the perfect time to harvest it. These methods are performed by us and our certified suppliers and actually produce a positive effect on these natural environments. By harvesting wild foods, we help their seeds and spores spread to areas of the forest that were once unreachable.

As wild foragers, we believe that we must replenish that which we take from the forest. That is why we have partnered with One Tree Planted, an organization that shares our love and passion for nature. Each time you purchase one of our products, we generate a donation that plants one tree in a forest in need.

While the vast world of E-commerce is highly convenient, it can produce a lot of unwanted packaging waste. That is why we have partnered with companies like EcoEnclose. They provide us with bubble mailers and other packaging materials that are made from recycled plastics and compostable materials. These packaging products are also printed with plant-based inks so that no harmful chemicals are being deposited into ecosystems.

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