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Lift brain fog, restore the microbiome, and feel more energized with our line of  mushroom extracts. Our extracts deliver the full benefits of each mushroom and can be added to your favorite beverage or taken under the tongue like a tincture. To give back to nature, we'll plant a tree with the proceeds from your order.

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Promotes Gut Health

Rich in prebiotics, anti-inflammatory compounds, and anti-microbial soldiers. Mushrooms can help restore the microbiome and fend off unwanted invaders like candida and inflammation.

Supports Immunity

All mushrooms contain beta-glucans, compounds that help support our immune systems and can help protect us from viruses and bacteria.

Supports Energy & Focus

Mushrooms boost your body's natural energy by lifting brain fog, enhancing cognition, and supporting optimal levels of ATP (food for the cells in your body). 

Helps Recovery

As powerful adaptogens, mushrooms can help the body recover from the effects of oxidative stress, and promote calm and relaxation.

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50 servings per bottle


50 servings per bottle


50 servings per bottle


50 servings per bottle