Food. Medicine. Community.

Three words that define each other and are all something we need to be healthy happy humans. On this week's episode of Wild Kingdom Radio, guest Jess Starwood unpacks these three important words and offers insight on how to cultivate them.

Jess shares her unique experiences as a mentor and guide to so many in her in person classes and has wonderfully illustrated her superb knowledge of wild foods, herbs, and mushrooms in the books she has authored. As a committee member of NAMA's culinary division, Jess's ability to turn wild edibles into delectable cuisines is extraordinary.

We hope you enjoy this episode and feel inspired to connect with and create your own communities as much as I am thanks to Jess.

Thanks for listening. Stay Wild!
-Neil Thenier

Episode Resources:
-Wild Kingdom Extracts- Deep Sleep Bundle
-Jess Starwood Website
-Jess's Book- Mushroom Wanderland
Jess on Instagram
North American Mycological Association
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