How To Grow Mushrooms At Home


How To Grow Mushroom At Home With Brian Davis


Have you ever wondered, what are the easiest mushrooms to grow at home?

Like so many people becoming more interested in mycology and self-reliance, I sat down with my best friend and co-founder, Brian Davis, to learn both beginner and expert methods for growing mushrooms right in your own home.

After of only a few minutes into our conversation, I realized that dialing in your own method and cultivating mushrooms for personal use is so much easier than I thought. What's more, Brian explains the various levels of entry into the world of mushroom growing.

For those with little time or knowledge of mushrooms, purchasing a pre-made mushroom grow kit might be the most fun and beginner friendly option to enjoy cultivated mushrooms.

For those looking for a more scientific approach, Brian explains how to grow  oyster mushrooms at home from a starter culture. From the culture, you can inoculate a mushroom spawn for the mycelium to become activated and later expand them to a substrate. From there, you are only one step away from harvesting mushroom fruiting bodies and cooking them up in your favorite dish!

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