On this episode of Wild Kingdom Radio, I have the immense pleasure of speaking with Ashley Walsh, president and founder of Pocono Organics.

Pocono Organics is the world's first and largest regenerative hemp farm. Hemp isn't all they grow! Ashley and her team specialize in growing regenerative organic certified crops that are grown nutrient rich soil. Their methods are constantly replenishing and enhancing soil microorganisms rather than depleting them like in conventional farming. 

At their Pocono Organics Cafe, you can pick up all their deliciously grown produce, hemp products, and mushroom grow kits, a true gem for anyone seeking to live a healthy lifestyle.

Beyond the amazingness that is Pocono Organics, Ashely also dives deep into the principles of regenerative farming and explains why hemp is amazing at carbon sequestering. For anyone looking to learn more about local farming or that wants quality information on hemp and CBD, this episode has tons to take away.

Happy listening and stay wild!

-Neil Thenier


Episode Resources:

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-Pocono Organics Website
-Pocono Organic's Instagram Page
-The Rodale Institute 
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