Biohacker's Bundle

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✔️Made With Mushroom Fruiting Bodies
✔️3rd Party Lab Tested
✔️Made With Organic & Wild Ingredients
✔️Sustainably Sourced and Produced in the USA
✔️Purchasing This Product Helps Reforestation Worldwide

Lion's Mane and Pine Pollen, two of nature's most potent nootropics, when taken together, offer exactly what every biohacker is looking for- cognitive and focus support.

Lion's Mane is rich in brain boosting compounds known as erinacines that may  support cognitive function, mental clarity, and increased memory.

Pine Pollen's abundance of DHEA and phytoandrogens support free testosterone, a necessary hormone for overall energy and optimal brain functioning.

Take once per day before in the morning before meals for optimal results.

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