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What makes the best mushroom extract?

The best mushroom extracts are made with sustainably harvested wild fruiting bodies and are extracted with organic alcohol. This is because many products out there are actually made with myceliated grains like brown rice or oats and do not contain any real mushrooms. While it is more commercially viable, the benefits of myceliated grains are not yet proven and many experts in the industry argue that there are little to no benefits.

Check out our above below and find the exact support you need. By donating a portion of each sale to forest restoration world wide, our mushroom extracts benefit not only the human body, but the planet as well.

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What's In Every Bottle?

The production of every bottle starts with a deep connection to our local natural world. Within a forty mile radius from our headquarters, we sustainably harvest wild mushroom fruiting bodies and turn them into potent extracts that deliver the support you need.

Our sustainable foraging methods help ecosystems thrive. By understanding the ecology of each mushroom, we're able to harvest at just the right time at just the right quantities. As we pick and interact with each mushroom, we start to collect their spores all over our hands, baskets, and clothes. These spores end up hitching a free ride on us as we walk through the forest and get blown to areas they would have not been able to get to without our help. 

Many conscious consumers are worried about the negative impact on over-harvesting. Many wild plants like ramps and fiddleheads experience over-harvesting by commercial foragers which lead to declines in production. It can also kill these plants.

The good news with mushrooms is that over-harvesting them is very difficult. The main difference between mushrooms and plants is that mushrooms are the reproductive organ of a much larger organism called mycelium. The mycelium is a web of single-celled fungi that can expand underneath the soil for a few feet to a few miles. When the conditions are right, the mycelium generates mushroom fruiting bodies that contain spores. When the spores are released from the fruiting bodies, they return to the soil and begin to grow even more mycelium.

As long as the mycelium is not damaged, it will continue to grow fruiting bodies. In this way, picking mushrooms does not damage the mycelium. The one thing that can cause damage to the mycelium however, is destruction of ecosystems. Commercial practices like clear cutting and mining rips up soil and in turn compromises the mycelium. As long as we keep our ecosystems intact, mushrooms will continue to appear when rain is in abundance and temperatures are ideal.

Now that you know a piece of  the story of each bottle, the journey continues with our extraction process. To get the full benefits of each mushroom, a dual extraction needs to be performed. This is because mushrooms contain two sets of nutrients: alcohol and water soluble.

Alcohol soluble nutrients include antioxidants, anti-inflammatory acids, and terpenes. These nutrients give mushroom extracts their adaptogenic characteristics. Water soluble nutrients include polysaccharides, beta-glucans, and prebiotics. These nutrients give mushrooms their immune modulating properties. Our dual extract process allows us to make both available.

Our solvents we use in the process also have a story. We use organic alcohol that has been domestically sourced here in the U.S. It contains no harmful pesticides that can wreak havoc on the body's endocrine system and is certified gluten-free.

The water we use is living water. Sourced from a local natural spring, it is rich in minerals and electrolytes. We lab test samples from our spring frequently and the results are consistent. It's the cleanest water in town!

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